JavaFX 2.0 Is Here!

We are cooking new tutorials all based on the new JavaFX 2.0 version that was just released.  Oracle has released JavaFX 2.0 as the new direction for JavaFX.  Unlike the 1.x version created by Sun Microsystems, JavaFX 2.0 API's have been rewritten as pure Java code.  You no longer have to learn a new scripting language (if you are still looking for materials for JavaFX 1.x, click here).

Featured Content

Working with Strings
Learn how to use JavaFX String with templated content and String formatters.
Styles for Visual Components
See how to use JavaFX Cascading Style Sheet support to style components.
Data Charts
Did you know JavaFX has a complete charting API.  See how to use it.
Class Introspection
Similar to other languages, JavaFX supports a full class reflection API to access class metadata at runtime.

JavaFX 1.2: Looking for pre-2.0 Material
This book is a collection of code recipes, examples, and informative discourses designed to enable the reader to get started with creating JavaFX 1.2 application quickly with JavaFX Script. The book is arranged as a series of more than 80 loosely related code recipes that a reader can easily select to fit his or her needs. It exposes readers to a great variety of topics designed to satisfy different skill levels. Readers will learn about the language, animation techniques, paints, effects, JavaFX controls, integration of Swing components, styling with CSS, audio/video, deployment practices, and JavaFX integration with Adobe design tools.

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Vladimir Vivien is a software engineer living in the United States. Past and current experiences include development in Java and C#.Net for industries including publishing, financial, and healthcare. He has a wide range of technology interests including Java, OSGi, Groovy/Grails, JavaFX, SunSPOT, BugLabs, module-based development, and anything else that runs on the JVM. Vladimir is also author and contributor to open source projects including his contribution of JmxBuilder to Groovy creation of JmxLogger You can follow Vladimir through: